W8MD weight loss success stories

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Carl Lost 75 Lbs with W8MD and these are some of the questions he faces!

When is the rest of you coming? – friends

I cannot believe your recent blood work – primary care doctor

Are you sure you did not have bariatric surgery? – favorite waitress at a diner

People were stopping Carl and asking him these questions after he lost a significant portion of his weight with W8MD(pronounced weight MD).

Carl is a busy and physically active contractor with his own business as a self employed Plumber. At 346 lbs, and 6’1″ with a BMI of 45, it is not particularly easy on him as a plumber! All his doctor has to say was “lose weight”. Having tried everything else, he decided to try the W8MD program in February, 2013. prab-r-tumpati-md-w8md-weight-loss-doctor-7

Here is a Video Testimonial about his amazing journey of weight loss success with W8MD Medical Weight Loss Centers Program. His own personal physician could not believe the last blood work. His HgA1c ( 3month blood sugar control test) went from 7 to 5, his cholesterol improved significantly and he is not snoring any more.

Having lost about 75 lbs. in 3 months, he averaged about 25 lbs of weight loss per month. Although this may not be typical, this is as fast or faster than what is seen in most Bariatric surgery patients but without any surgery. Watch this amazing and inspiring weight loss success story of Carl titled “where is the rest of you!”

The best news is – his insurance covered his weight loss visits with W8MD.

With offices in many states including New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, W8MD’s unique insurance physician weight loss program can help you lose weight. Call 1(800)W8MD-007 or visithttp://w8md.com for more information.

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    […] W8MD weight loss success stories (belviq.wordpress.com) […]

    […] W8MD weight loss success stories (belviq.wordpress.com) […]

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