How to lose weight fast in NYC, NJ or Philadelphia?

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Losing weight is on the minds for over half of all adults in the United States, according to a Gallup Survey!

Losing weight fast and safe!

Although NYC is considered a lean city, the big apple has its share of people who are obese or overweight.

In the city of New York, about 55% of all adults are either overweight or obese.

If you are overweight or obese in NYC, and are trying to lose pounds, here are some things to consider!

W8MD’s 3 easy steps to losing weight fast in NYC

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Weight loss step 1.

The first step for losing weight in New York City is to know whether you are overweight or obese, and calculate how many pounds do you need to lose weight to be in the normal range.

The most effective and practical way to know your weight relative to your height is the age old BMI scale or body mass index scale. Although not perfect, the BMI works for most normal body built people and gives an idea of where you stand.

Weight loss step 2.

Understand that it is not all BMI – it is also the distribution of body weight. For example, two people with the same BMI, one has very good distribution of weight, and the other has a lot of belly fat – the one with excess belly fat is at higher health risk. To know this, a very simple and practical way is to measure waist circumference.

A waist circumference of 40 inches or above for men and 35 inches and above for women is considered to increase the risks associated with belly fat. These numbers are 5 lower for Asians – Asian men have a cut of 35 inches and Asian women have a cut off of 30 inches in terms of the waist circumference.

insurance covered weight loss NYC
insurance covered weight loss NYC

Another method used is waist to hip ratio – the ideal being below 1 for men and below 0.8 for women.

Weight loss step 3.

Let us say, you know your BMI is a bit high or you do have some belly fat, you may want to consider losing weight.

Before starting a weight loss program, you may want to know your weight loss options.

Understand the 5 proven measures to lose weight fast in NYC

Once you understand the above, you may want to choose a weight loss program in NYC that is right for you.

If you have health insurance and want to lose weight under careful guidance of a well trained and experienced weight loss doctor in NYC, you may want to consider the unique W8MD’s insurance physician weight loss program in Brooklyn, NY.

Call 718-946-5500 to learn more. Limited acceptance at this time in the insurance weight loss program NYC due to popular demand.

W8MD medical weight loss centers of America offers evidence based physician supervised medical weight loss without surgery with locations in many states!

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