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Cost of Belviq

Cost of Belviq / Lorcaserin for weight loss

Belviq (Lorcaserin) is an FDA approved prescription weight loss medication. As one of the safer alternatives to losing weight without surgery, and not a stimulant based medication, safe on the heart for the most part, Belviq is an attractive prescription weight loss option to lose weight. The question is – how much does it cost to get Belviq?

Obesity epidemic Obesity epidemic

The cost of Belviq (Lorcaserin) varies based on your insurance if covered via insurance can vary from $0 to $40.00 or more depending on your coverage. For self pay, the actual cost is about $275 to 300.00 per month.

Coupon / Savings Card for Belviq

Here is how to request a coupon or savings card from the manufacturer

Go to, click on savings and fill the form, make sure you fill it right – if you have Medicare, or Medicaid, you may want to say self pay no insurance as they do not cover but you are ineligible to get a coupon

Go here

Your insurance might cover this medication. Aetna and Blue Cross have announced coverage for Belviq. Check with your insurance carrier to see if they will cover this medication.

Cost of Belviq – related questions

  • How much does belviq cost at Walgreens?

While some websites might misleadingly give you the wrong cost, none of the pharmacies sell this drug less than what they are buying it from so the only variable is your insurance. Without insurance, the cost is about $275 or more and with insurance, it could be as low as $40.00 or lower. However, there are manufacturer coupons for self pay patients that bring the cost down to about $125.00 or so. 

  • Is there a generic version of belviq?

No, there is no generic version available for Belviq (Lorcaserin) at this time.

  • How much is belviq out of pocket?

Out of pocket cost of Belviq depends on insurance.

  • Is belviq covered by Medicare?

Medicare and by extension medicaid, exclude weight loss prescription medications. The tricky this is that not only Medicare and Medicaid not cover Belviq, but also that if you say you have Medicare or Medicaid or other government issued health care, the pharmaceutical companies would not allow coupons so you pay full price. If you have a government issue insurance, you may want to say “I self pay or no insurance” if you want to take advantage of the coupon.

Belviq weight loss Belviq weight loss
  • How much does belviq cost without insurance?

See above, roughly $300.00 per month.

  • How does belviq work for weight loss?

The drug lorcaserin(Belviq) works on the appetite control center in the brain so you feel fuller

  • Is belviq used for depression?

No, although Belviq works on the serotonin system, it is approved to treat depression.

  • When should I take belviq?

There are two formulations, the regular one is Belviq 10 mg which is taken before breakfast and dinner and the extended release dose which is 20 mg that is taken once a day. It does not matter what time of the day you take it although most take this in the morning.

  • Does belviq make you feel high?

No. Belviq is not a stimulant. On the other hand, you may feel some fatigue.

  • Is belviq controlled?

Yes, it is a DEA class IV (DEA class one most controlled to class V least controlled)

  • Is there a generic for belviq?

See above. NO.

Where can I get a prescription for Belviq?

W8MD physicians can help. Visit to find the location closest to you.

How can W8MD help if I am considering Belviq for weight loss?

 W8MD Weight loss centers that accept insurance for visits

Philadelphia Insurance Weight Loss & Sleep Center: 1718, Welsh Rd, Philadelphia, PA, 19115 Ph: 1-215-676-2334 

King Of Prussia Weight Loss & Sleep Center: 987 Old Eagle School Rd, Ste 712, Wayne, PA, 19087 Ph: 215-676-2334 

NYC Insurance Weight Loss, Sleep

2632 E 21st St Brooklyn New York 11235

Ph: 1-718-946-5500. 

W8MD weight loss program in New Jersey.

W8MD weight loss, sleep and medical aesthetics

140 E Evesham Rd Cherry Hill New Jersey 08003


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Sample Belviq results: A 346 pound man loses 75 lbs. in three month, lowers blood sugar from 7 to 5. Able to drop most other medications due to the Belviq effect.

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