Review of diet pills

What is the best weight loss medication?

While the answer depends on your individual situation as best determined by a weight loss doctor, if you do not have contra-indications, the best weight loss medication is not one but a combination of medications.

Belviq Doctors

The new weight loss medications tend to be combination of two different medications is because the brain has up to 50 different neurochemicals that influence the appetite center.

Unfortunately, if you only block one of th

Belviq in New York City and Philadelphia Belviq in NYC and Philadelphia

ese pathways with one weight loss medication, the other pathways can compensate. Therefore, the combination weight loss medications work the best because they take this compensation in to consideration and block two pathways at the same time, according to Dr. Prab R. Tumpati, MD. a practicing weight loss physician in New York City, greater Philadelphia areas and founder of W8MD medical weight loss centers of America.

A good example of this combination weight loss medication or diet pill is the new Qsymia which is a combination of Phentermine at a low dose, along with a tiny dose of a neuropathy, anti-seizure medication called Topiramate that has weight loss as a good side effect.

In this combination of diet pills, they do work together as they block two compelementary pathways. Since the dose is small on each of these medications, the side effects of these weight loss medicines is also kept low!

W8MD weight loss video #8 – Weight loss medicationsYouTube

w8md medical weight loss centers diet pill review w8md medical weight loss centers diet pill review Which is the best weight loss medication or diet pill? video #8 – Weight loss medications diet pills review

How do these weight loss medications or diet pills compare?

From an efficacy perspective, for reasons discussed above, the combination diet pills such as Qsymia (or generic equivalent with Phentermine and Topiramate) work better than individual components or other weight loss medications alone.

How about the new weight loss medications such as Belviq (Lorcaserin), Qsymia (Phentermine with Topiramate)?

These new medications are a bit safer in general and the good news is that they can even be combined if needed as directed by the weight loss physician.

Do I still have to do the diet to lose weight when I take these weight loss medications for weight loss and appetite suppression?

For best results, you do need to combine these diet pills or weight loss appetite suppressant medications with a very low calorie diet (VLCD) or low calorie diet such as the W8MD’s VLCD or LCD diets with or without partial meal replacements.

W8MD VLCD very low calorie diet for fast weight loss

W8MD VLCD very low calorie diet for fast weight loss

How do these new weight loss medications compare with the traditional weight loss medications such as Adipex (Phentermine), Bontril (Phendimetrazine) etc for weight loss in New York City or Philadlephia?

Although each has its own merits, I think the newer combination type medications are preferred due to their lower dose but higher efficacy!

Are these weight loss medicines or diet pills safe to use?

While there are benefits and risks with anything we do, most weight loss medications, when administered appropriately under the care of a trained, experienced weight loss doctor such as the W8MD medical weight loss centers weight loss physicians, they are relatively safe!

Can these weight loss medications be taken together? If so, which combinations are safe?

While many of these medications can be combined to no more than 2 or 3 per person depending on the individual situation, the two new weight loss medications, Qsymia and Belviq can be combined, according to the FDA!

Can I take Qsymia combination of Phentermine and Topiramate with Belviq?

Yes, see above.

How much do these diet pills cost?

The cost of Qsymia can be up to $160.00 per month supply and you might be able to save by trying the generic combination similar with similar results. The generic combination of Phentermine with Topiramate can be as low as $90 per month supply at many W8MD medical weight loss center locations!

What is the availability of these diet pills in New York City or Philadelphia?

W8MD medical weight loss centers locations in Greater Philadelphia or New York City can help!

Can a weight loss doctor through some light on these?

Watch this youtube video on diet pill review.

 What weight loss clinics accept health insurance for weight loss visits in New York or Philadelphia for weight loss physician visits?

W8MD medical weight loss centers is one of the few weight loss centers that accepts health insurance for the physician visits.

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