Weight gain

  •  Are you wondering what is causing my weight gain?
  • I do not eat much but why do I keep gaining weight?
  • Do you excess belly fat or upper body fat?
  • Could there be a metabolic reason that might explain your weight gain in New York City or elsewhere?

Could you suffer from a condition called insulin resistance that is making you gain weight in the belly and upper part of the body?

Do you have slight darker or thicker lines or skin tags in the neck or other areas?

Does your neck look like any of the following pictures that show what is called AcanthosisNigricans?

Do you have weight in the tummy or upper part of the body with excess belly fat?

If so, you may suffer from insulin resistance that might explain not only weight gain, but also why you crave certain salty or sugary foods!

Affecting up to 71% of the entire population of the United States, insulin resistance is very common! 

W8MD’s unique insurance physician weight loss program in New York City can help!

See the various signs of insulin resistance(also called Acanthosis Nigricans) in the neck with darker or thicker areas or lines, skin tags and or moles in the neck that indicate insulin resistance!

In the early stages of insulin resistance, your blood work might look completely normal as the body usually compensates well to insulin resistance by over producing insulin!

However, this over production of insulin leads to a lot of weight gain in the belly and upper part of the body and explains those darker or thicker lines in the neck called Acanthosis Nigricans!

It might also cause cravings for certain sugary or salty foods, overeating and can explain why you might be gaining weight in New York City!

W8MD’s weight loss program in New York City, greater Philadelphia and New Jersey are deaigned to work with you to not only determine the true causes of weight but also to help reverse these under careful medical supervision!


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