Coupon for Belviq

If you are overweight or obese looking for some help in losing weight and curving appetite, you probably heard about a new FDA approved weight loss medication  Belviq(lorcaserin).

Belviq Doctors

The problem with any newly FDA approved medications for many is the cost of the medication!

If you have a commercial insurance (non government issued insurance or non Medicare/Medicaid), you might be eligible for a manufacturer sponsored discount coupon for a cost saving!

Discount Coupon for Belviq Belviq Coupon


Regular cost of Belviq for weight loss 

The regular cost of Belviq varies from about 225.00 per month to 275.00 for 60.00 tablets which is a month supply!

Two week free trial of Belviq

The manufacturer of Belviq offers certain discounts and free trials from time to time! As of December, 2015, there is a free two week trial and a savings card available for non Medicare / Medicaid patients

How does the two trial work? 

You need a physician’s prescipryon for Belviq for two weeks along with a two week free trial coupon for this to work!

W8MD Locations for Belviq 

Most W8MD Medical Weight Loss Centers of America locations offer both the free two week trial of Belviq and the discount coupon for eligible patients interested in losing weight!

Certain limitations might apply! Call W8MD for a location closest to you or visit for more information!