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Lorcaserin commonly known with its brand name Belviq, is a relatively new FDA approved prescription weight loss medication.

If you are wondering if Belviq might be the right choice for you to lose weight?

Belviq Doctor

Do you need an experienced and knowledgeable weight loss physician that can not only tell you if you are a candidate for Belviq but also prescribe this or any of the other weight loss medications when indicated?

You may want to consider consulting with W8MD’s experienced weight loss physicians.

Having the most experienced Belviq doctor on your side is very important as they can answer any and all of your questions and make suggestions.

Some of the frequently asked questions regarding Belviq that our experienced Belviq Doctors can answer are the following:

  • What is Belviq?
  • Is Belviq right for me to lose weight?
  • Where can I find an experienced Belviq doctor?
  • How expensive is Belviq?
  • Does my insurance cover Belviq?
  • Is Belviq covered by insurance?
  • Where to get Belviq?
  • Is diet pill Belviq good for me?
  • what are the side effects of Belviq?
  • Where can I find a doctor to prescribe Belviq?
  • Is Belviq a stimulant?
  • Is Belviq a controlled substance?

What is Lorcaserin or Belviq?

Lorcaserin is somewhat akin to the popular weight loss medication of the old called Fenfluramine but without the cardiovascular issues commonly associated with the former according to Dr. Prab R. Tumpati, a leading obesity medicine physician and founder of W8MD Medical Weight Loss Centers of America.
Philadelphia Belviq Doctor

W8MD’s experiences weight loss doctors offer any prescription weight loss medication that might be suitable for you after consultation including Belviq.

Cost of Belviq Doctor Visit

At most W8MD weight loss centers, we accept most insurances for the Belviq doctor visits which means you can get the Belviq prescription by only paying your copay!


Are you kind of upset because you want to try Belviq but your ignorant doctor will not give you a prescription?

Call W8MD today at 800 W8MD 007. We get patients from all over the United States as our Belviq Doctors are some of the most experienced Belviq physicians you can find anywhere!

How can W8MD help?

W8MD’s insurance physician weight loss program is unique in many ways with a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to weight loss that addresses all the complex issues leading to weight gain, both in adults and children. Since its inception in 2011, W8MD has successfully helped thousands of patients succeed in not only losing weight but also keep it off with an ongoing maintenance plan. Call 800-W8MD-007 to learn more.

W8MD’s Locations that Offer Belviq when appropriate

PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia Belviq Doctor

Poly-Tech Sleep & insurance Physician Weight Loss Center Philadelphia

1718, Welsh Rd, Philadelphia, PA, 19115

Weight loss doctor Philadelphia – Dr Prab R. Tumpati, MD

Phone: 215-676-2334

King of Prussia Belviq Doctor

Poly-Tech Sleep & W8MD’s King Of Prussia Weight Loss Center

987 Old Eagle School Rd, Ste 712, Wayne, PA, 19087 (King of Prussia)


New York

NYC Belviq Doctor

W8MD’s NYC medical weight loss & Sleep Clinic at Sleep Medical Associates, PLLC

2632 E 21st St Brooklyn New York 11235


Is Belviq weight loss drug right for me?

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