Belviq free trial

Belviq (Lorcaserin) is a novel prescription weight loss medication FDA approved to help eligible overweight or obese patients lose weight under medical supervision.

Which weight loss medication is right for me?

Most people may not be sure which weight loss medication might be the right one that suits their individual situation.

Consult an experienced weight loss doctor, not any doctor, for Belviq!

An average physician in the US receives very little or no education in the field of obesity medicine.

Therefore, In order to know which weight loss medication might be the most appropriate for you, it is recommended that you consult with an experienced weight loss physician such as the W8MD medical weight loss centers of America’s weight loss physicians.

Two week free trial of Belviq

The manufacturer of Belviq is currently offering a free two week trial of Belviq with a trial card and a prescription available via most W8MD medical weight loss centers of America’s locations among other places!

Two week trial of Belviq

Cost of Belviq 

While the actual cost of Belviq is around $250 – $270.00 per a months supply, the manufacturer currently offers a discount card for patients with non government insurance plans that can bring the cost down to $0-30 per month or lower depending on your insurance coverage.

For self pay patients, we can offer Belviq savings cards or coupons to help bring the cost as low as $90-100 a month as opposed to the regular price of $270.

How can W8MD medical weight loss centers help?

Our weight loss physicians have extensive experience in the use of Belviq and can suggest if Belviq is right for you!

W8MD’s Weight loss center locationsNew York City weight loss patients, call (718)946-5500 for medical weight loss consultationsPhiladelphia weight loss patients call (215)676-2334 for weight loss doctor and sleep appointmentsKing of Prussia weight loss patients call (215)858-4700 for weight loss and sleep physician appointmentsNew Jersey weight loss patients call (201)766-6469 for weight loss and sleep consultations.   


Call 1(800)986-3007 to learn more.

Belviq Doctors

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